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Units & Packs Management of Medicines

Units & packs management of medicines is a basic requirement of good pharmacy software. Candela pharmacy comes with all the features required to handle packs and units during various retail processes. Pharmacy retailers are required to sell both packs/boxes of medicines and a single strip. Sometimes, the old medicines stock has to be returned to the suppliers and this sometimes also includes loose quantities of medicines. In the tutorials listed below, you will gain a complete understanding of how units and packs of medicines can be managed.


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How to use conversion factor for defining products that come in packs

Units & Packs management of medicines begins with defining the number of units in a single pack. On the Product Definition screen, enter the medicine name and in the conversion factor field, enter the number of units medicines are in the pack of the defined medicine.


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Selling Products in packs and units

To sell both units and packs of medicines, go to the System Configuration>Sale tab. From the Default Sale Unit drop-down, select unit or pack as your default unit on the sales and return screen. However, while selling you can change the default unit and sell in both packs and units.


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Medicine Loose and Pack Entry on GRN Screen



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How to enter stock of products in packs and units

To enter stock of medicines, go to the GRN screen, and load products. Now enter stock in the ‘Pack’ column. The system will automatically convert packs to units and the ‘Unit’ column will show the total number of units against the pack of each medicine.


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How to enter packs and units during stock audit

To enter units and packs of medicines during stock-audit, go to System Configuration>Product/STR tab. Now mark the checkbox Show Pack Qty on Stock-Audit Screen. Now on the stock audit screen, enter the physical quantity of both units and packs in their respective columns.


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How to handle purchase return of packs and units

You can easily return medicines stock to suppliers in both packs and loose quantities. To return in packs, on the purchase return screen, mark the checkbox ‘enable packs‘. To return stock in loose quantities, simply disable the checkbox. Watch the tutorial for details.


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Which reports show products in both packs and units

Go to System Configuration>General tab. Now mark the checkbox Show Pack Quantity and update. This will help you see sale/purchase quantity in packs in the following reports:C-11, C-30, and D-07. All other stock reports will show stock in units.

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