Pharmacy Software Tutorials: FAQs

Pharmacy Software Training Center for Candela Users


Pharmacy Software Tutorials: FAQs

Pharmacy software tutorials cover the most frequently asked questions by pharmacy retailers. These videos answer your questions about the predefined pharmacy database in candela, generic drugs, region-wise suppliers, etc.

Pharmacy software tutorials: Introducing-candela-pharmacy-database

Candela pharmacy software comes with a predefined medicines database. This video tutorial explains what’s included in the database of 14000 plus items and how it makes data entry so much easier for pharmacy retailers.


To map multiple suppliers against a single medicine, define areas or regions on Configuration>Misc>Shop Region where your vendors exist. The next step: go Supplier screen, define supplier & from supplier region field, select the region. Now go to the screen, Configuration>Misc>Region Wise Default Supplier and enter details.


In these videos, you will learn, how to create expense account heads; and how to  enter plus manage expenses in Candela Retail Software


Learn how to manage your hospital pharmacy. Click this link to read the article on hospital pharmacies expense handling

Candela pharmacy-How-to-define-Medicines-in-Candela

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to define a new medicine in Candela pharmacy retail software. You will learn how to attach various attributes to the newly defined medicines and what purpose these attributes serve.

Pharmacy software tutorials: deleting unwanted products from database

Learn how to delete/deactivate certain medicines or times from the database if you don’t need them. Go to Utilities> Product Utilities>Set Product Status. Select unwanted products and click Load Data to load them in the grid. Now select all products and update, the products will become de-active and you will not see them in any report.


How to Handle Drug Sample Management In Candela. Click to read the article on Drug Sample Management


Learn how to block audit implementation for a particular user group when physical and system quantities don’t match. Go to Security>Group Rights, select the Group. In the search filter type Allow Implement Audit with Difference and click enter. Expand Shop Activities, expand Stock Audit. Now uncheck the checkbox ‘Allow Implement Audit with Difference.’

Pharmacy software tutorials: grouping on manufacturers

Learn to use the ‘Manufacturer’ variable to group products according to various brands while preparing a purchase order. Go to Purchase Order screen, load products and mark the checkbox ‘Group on Manufacturer”


In this video, learn how to create a purchase order for medicines. You can create a PO by manually entering the quantity of each medicine, or you can create orders based on sales of the selected period, or based on inventory levels

pharmacy software tutorials: Selling-alternate-brand-name-having-the-same-generic-drug

In this video, you will learn how to search the alternate brand of the same generic drug on the sale and return screen. Click F4, select the product whose alternate you want to find, and click the Alternate Products tab to select the product. The grid will also show the available stock of the alternate medicine. Select to load it on the sales screen.

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