Pharmacy Retail Software Training Center for Candela Users


Pharmacy Retail Software Training Center

Welcome to Candela Pharmacy Retail Software Training Center!

Here you will find the links to video tutorials playlists of various pharmacy specific features. Just click the required link and watch the playlist. So what are you waiting for! Relax, grab a cup of tea and learn Candela PharmacySoftware.

retail software tutorials: pharmacy-features-overview

This video gives a brief overview of the feature in candela pharmacy software. This just a basic overview, for each feature detail, you can check other videos in this pharmacy software training center.

candela pharmacy software: batch-no-and-expiry-date

This video playlist has seven videos. You will learn how to enter batch numbers & expiry dates of existing stock, new stock, while making a purchase return, and while making a sale. You will also learn how to perform an audit of mismatches batches, etc.

retail software tutorials: pharmacy-sales-and-return

This playlist has 9 video tutorials about some of the basic sales and return features like how to speed up your checkout process, how to put a receipt on hold, how to enter batch and expiry during sales, etc.


This video explains how pharmacy retailers can easily manage medicine price changes in Candela Pharmacy Retail Software You can also learn more details by reading the medicines pricing article.


This playlist has three tutorials. You will learn how to check the movement of controlled drugs and how to handle the sale of controlled drugs. You will also learn how to attach the doctor’s prescription with sales receipts while selling controlled drugs.


Clicking this link will take you to the Candela RMS training center where you will find the tutorials about home delivery management in candela. You can also download the document on the home delivery management module.


This playlist has nine videos. These pharmacy software tutorials are on the pharmacy specific features like medicines database, generic drugs, grouping on manufacturers, region-wise suppliers, etc.

Candela pharmacy software-Packs-and-units

This playlist has six tutorials. You will learn how to enter medicine stock in both packs and units, how to sell medicines in both packs and loose quantity, how to enter packs and units during a stock take, and how to check relevant reports.

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