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“We selected Candela for Pharmacy, and have found it to be a perfect fit for pharmacy retail businesses..”

Gulab Devi is an NGO, a charitable organization that has been serving the patients for the last 80 years. Gulab Devi has both indoor and outdoor patient facilities. To make it easier for our patients to get medicines, we decided to set up an outdoor retail pharmacy. Our team searched the market for appropriate software that could cater to the specific retail needs of a pharmacy store. We selected Candela for Pharmacy, and have found it to be the perfect fit for pharmacy retail.

Candela is a complete retail solution, it helps you keep track of stock, sales, medicines expiry dates, accounts, etc. Based on our experience with Candela at Gulab Devi, we chose it for the Model Town hospital, and now we are successfully using Candela to manage pharmacies at both the hospitals. I am completely satisfied with Candela for pharmacy and would recommend it to other pharmacy retailers.

Professor Dr. Abdur Rahman

Medical professor of pathology, Gulab Devi hospital


“Candela pharmacy software provides a seamless retail chain management experience.”

When we started a pharmacy retail chain, we needed a software that could fulfil all the requirements of a retail chain setup. Candela pharmacy software fits the bill. Every other pharmacy software in the market involves some manual work as far as pharmacy retail chain business is concerned.
Candela pharmacy software provides a seamless retail chain management experience. Whether it is stock transfer from one branch to another, price change management at all branches, negative inventory management, or reporting, we have found Candela to be excellent.

I have 12 to 13 years experience of working in the pharmacy retail sector and have used a number of retail management systems. So far, I have found Candela to be the best. I would strongly recommend it for pharmacy businesses, especially for pharmacy retail chains.


Rehbar Pharmacy
Muhammad Abdullah,
General Manager

“Candela offers this excellent facility to automatically sync data at all retail outlets.”

Candela offers this excellent facility to automatically sync data at all retail outlets. Now whenever we make any changes at Head office, whether it is about defining new products, configuring discounts or any other alternation, information is automatically implemented at all our retail outlets. There is no confusion for our customers as they get the same price and products on our various stores.

Candela has many other useful features. For example, Stock transfer functionality helps us easily transfer stock to different outlets while sitting at Head office; effective reporting system in Candela provides a clear stock position and this has especially helped us in preparing timely orders for our suppliers. Physical audit is another strong feature in Candela. It helps us immediately detect and trace any pilferage and leakage and we can make timely decisions to remedy the situation.

Moreover, Candela is also fully integrated with our accounting software meaning all sales from POS are automatically transferred to the accounting system. This has led to efficient working and reduced labor costs.

I would strongly recommend Candela for managing pharmacy retail/wholesale.

Fazal Din’s Pharma Plus

Muhammad Abdullah (GM Finance, Fazal Din’s Pharma Plus)

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