10 Pharmacy Software FAQs You Should Ask Before Buying the Software

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Pharmacy software FAQs

The top most pharmacy software FAQ is  about its industry compliance. As you know, pharmacy retail differs from other retail businesses in one major way. It deals with sensitive inventory. The inventory that has a direct bearing on the health of the people. So before making a decision for or against any pharmacy software available in the market, make sure you judge its compliance according to the criteria set by the DRAP.[spacer height=”20px”]

Pharmacy Software FAQs


Other important Pharmacy software FAQs relate to some special features that make pharmacy inventory and POS management easy. Listed below are some of the important FAQs and the answers detailing how Candela pharmacy software handles such concerns.


Can I manage Controlled Drugs in the Software?


Selling of controlled drugs is regulated by the government and pharmacies are required to enter the name of the patient getting it and the doctor prescribing it. Candela makes it easy to label drugs as controlled. While selling such medicines, you can enter patient’s name and attach doctor’s prescription with the drug.


Is there a way to Record missed sales of medicines not in Stock?


On the sales and return screen in Candela, a missed sales recording button is provided. You can record missed sales and generate requests for re-stocking of the recorded missed items.


Can the  pharmacy software Manage Price Changes in Medicines?


The Candela pharmacy software provides price change intimation on the sales and return screen. It also shows the list of all changed prices within a certain date range for the selected drug.

The salesperson can then check the price printed on the medicine and select the same price from the price list on sales and return screen. This precludes the chances of selling medicines on prices different than the price listed on the medicine.


Can I Keep Track of Batches and Expiry of Medicines?


Batch and expiry date module in Candela works on FIFO (First In First Out) basis. There is also an option to turn off batch and expiry entry for medicines. However, it is highly recommended to keep the batch and expiry features on for optimal management of stock.


Can I make a Purchase order According to Sales & Inventory Levels of Medicines?


Purchase order for pharmacies is of critical importance. Candela pharmacy helps you prepare prepare purchase orders according to different criteria like sales and inventory levels of medicines.


Can the Software Handle Sale of Generic medicines?

The medicines data provided by Candela pharmacy software includes the generic information. You can easily search the generic of a particular medicine on the sales screen and thus if a particular medicine of a certain brand is missing, you can easily select the alternate brand with the same generic.


Is it Possible to Manage the Stock of Free Drug Samples in Pharmacy Software?


Yes, Candela pharmacy software makes it very easy to manage free drug samples. You can enter their stock with or without tax. You can also check the total stock of samples in the reports.

This feature is important because Pharmacy retailers need to record the stock of free drug samples to include them in the inventory.


How is the drug Distribution chain  managed?


Candela pharmacy software has all the required features to easily manage the pharmaceutical supply chain. You can prepare pharmacy purchase orders and group them according to the manufacturers. With the help of the region wise supplier feature, you can attach one drug to suppliers of different regions.

While looking for a pharmacy software, make sure the software makes it easy to manage the pharmacy supply chain


If I Expand My Business, Will the Software Handle Multi Store Pharmacy business?


You need to ask this question if you want to expand your business. Good pharmacy software should provide consolidated information of all outlets at the head office.

Candela pharmacy, multi-store version connects all shops to head office via internet with regular data synchronization. You can also easily transfer stock from the warehouse to the outlets


What is the Quality of the Customer Support for the Software? What type of training material is available?


This is an important question to ask. If you have ever used any software, you already know how important is customer support. Occasional glitch in any software is a common phenomenon, and without the backing of a fully functional and efficient support center you can face difficulties.

Candela Pharmacy software is not just supported by an active support department but also has a robust training center. Video tutorials in Urdu plus articles and detailed screen guidance in English are available for Candela pharmacy users.

All the tutorials are free and you can easily access them on the website or YouTube channel

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