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 Candela Pharmacy Software Features List

Candela pharmacy software helps pharmacies of all sizes to streamline all their retail operations. Pharmacy retailers have to keep a large number of drug items, usually in thousands. Generic names and expiry dates of medicines have to be monitored. As the number of items increases; inventory management becomes more critical and complex. Candela pharmacy software handles all complex situations with ease.

Candela for pharmacy is trusted by pharmacies of all sizes. From small and mid-size pharmacies to large retail chains, Candela helps you manage your pharmacy efficiently while meeting all regulatory and industry requirements for pharmacy retailers.

Other than the features listed in Candela Feature Gallery, Candela retail solution for Pharmacy offers the following pharmacy specific features:

pharmacy software features: Predefined medicines database in Candela

17000+Medicines Data Base

Candela for pharmacy comes with a predefined latest data base of medicines. Since pharmacy retail deals in thousands of SKUs, a ready-to-use database saves an immense amount of time for Pharmacy retailers; plus they have the choice to add more medicines or delete some of the previously defined they don’t need.

Generic Name Management

Searching for generic equivalent of any medication is extremely easy in Candela Pharmacy retail solution. Generic name search functionality is provided on the Sales screen which makes it easier for pharmacy retailers to check alternate products (having the same generic names) during sales.

Pharmacy software features- Generic names management
pharmacy software features - controlled drug management

Controlled Drug Management

Candela pharmacy retail solution provides complete controlled drugs or narcotics management. You can easily identify certain drugs as controlled and set various restrictions for the sale of such drugs. Control drug specific report provides efficient tracking of stock movement for all controlled items.

Batch No & Expiry

In Candela pharmacy retail solution you can easily record and manage Batch numbers and expiry dates of your stock. Candela for pharmacy also provides you with the following options for batch number management: Enter a Batch number and Expiry date while making a Good Received Note, Restrict the system to make the Batch number and expiry date entry mandatory while making a Good Received Note, Restrict the system to make Batch number entry mandatory for the sale of Controlled items. , Show Batch number on Sale invoice.

Batch number and expiry management in pharmacy retail
Manufacturer Specific Purchase Order Grouping in pharmacy retail

Manufacturer Specific Purchase Order Grouping

Pharmacy retailers deal in a huge inventory of various manufacturers. While making purchase orders for suppliers, they may have to slot different manufactures in a single purchase order. Candela makes it easy to group your inventory requirements according to the brands and issues purchase orders based on such groupings.

Inventory Management in Packs and Loose Quantity

Medicines are purchased in packs but you may need to sell them in loose quantity. For example, instead of a packet of tablets you may need to sell just two tablets. Candela for pharmacy allows you to do so. Similarly, you can also return inventory to your suppliers in both packs and loose quantity.

Inventory Management in Packs and Loose Quantity in pharmacy
Sale Based Purchase Order for pharmacy retailers

Sale Based Purchase Order

Pharmacy retailers have to cater to seasonal demands for various medicines. You can meet intricate seasonal demands efficiently by generating purchase orders based on the sale of medicine during a particular season/ time frame. The system can automatically generate a purchase order according to the types of medicines and their quantities sold during the selected time slot.

Shelf or Rack Based stock Management

Due to a large number of SKUs in pharmacy retail, immediate traceability of medicines can become a challenge. In Candela for pharmacy you can easily categories various items and assign them different racks for easy traceability. All information will be available on the sale screen where you can check and locate each medicine according to the rack it is assigned.

Rack Based stock Management for pharmacy retailers
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