Password Protected Sales: How to Make Your Pharmacy Sales More Secure

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password protected sales

Password-protected Sales is important not just for security reasons but also for keeping track of the sales punched by each salesperson.

Retailers need to keep tabs on what and how much is sold by each salesperson to gauge performance and calculate commissions.

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In the Pharmacy business, whether it is a standalone pharmacy or hospital pharmacy, password-protected sales serve another crucial requirement, that of security. As pharmacies also deal in controlled drugs, any drug sold without the doctor’s prescription can lead to problems for the pharmacy owner.

In Candela Pharmacy retail software, pharmacy businesses can now easily make their sales secure by requiring each salesperson to enter a password (employees code) assigned to her/him on the employees’ tab of the pharmacy definition screen.

So do you need to password protect your sales? This article will show you how to make it mandatory for each salesperson to enter her/his employee’s code while punching sales.
Let’s begin.[spacer height=”20px”]

Configure Candela for Password-Protected Sales[spacer height=”20px”]

For configuration, go to Configuration> System Configuration>Sales tab

Now mark the checkbox ‘Password protected sales’ and Update


Let’s see how this configuration impacts the sales and return screen.[spacer height=”20px”]

Impact of Configuration on the Sales & Return Screen[spacer height=”20px”]

When on the sales and return screen a salesperson loads items and clicks the Save button, a pop up will appear asking for the password.

The salesperson will enter the password and click OK. The invoice will be saved.


Thus, if one salesperson leaves the POS to get the medicines or for some other reason and another salesperson wants to punch in sales, s/he will have to enter the new password.

Password-protected sales feature also makes the entire transaction cycle fast. There is no need to select the salesperson name from the salesperson drop-down menu, as the password code is generated against each employee’s name, the system will automatically select it.

Moreover, when you open any saved invoice in Edit mode, the screen will show the name of the salesperson who made the invoice.

sales invoice in edit mode

To use the password-protected sales feature, you need to have Candela release . Let us know about your experience with the new feature in the comment section below, and keep sending us your suggestions.

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