Medicines Pricing: Price Changes & How to Handle Them

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Medicines Pricing- price changes and how to handle them

Medicines pricing is complicated because price changes in medicines are frequent and the pharmacy retailers need to adhere to each new price introduced by the drug regulatory authority. We detailed in a previous article how the pricing change intimation feature helps you manage pharmacy drug pricing change and saves you from the embarrassment of accidentally selling medicines on a price that’s different than the listed price.

The medicine price change intimation feature warned you about the changed price of the selected item. Though this helped our customers still faced the following difficulties:

1. The system gave the warning message about the change in price, but only the latest price was listed on the sales and return screen. And if the selected medicine was from the old batch (with old price), the cashier had to enter the new price manually. And if the cashier didn’t have the right to change price, s/he managed it by asking the manager to enter adjustment or change the price.

2. There was always the chance of human error. Sometimes, if the cashier missed the price change warning, s/he ended up selling the medicine at the new price which then led to problems.

With the enhanced price intimation feature, we have taken care of the problems mentioned above.

Now Candela pharmacy retail software will not just intimate you about any recent price change in the selected medicine but will also show the list of all changed prices within a certain date range. This means, now you can easily choose the price that’s printed on the medicine.

In this article, we will show you how to manage price changes in medicine using the enhanced pricing intimation feature in Candela pharmacy.

Let’s get started.

[spacer height=”20px”]Medicines Pricing: Configuration to Handle Changes[spacer height=”20px”]

The first step is to enable the enhanced price intimation feature. And, as you know, the configuration in Candela is pretty simple.

Go to Configuration>System Configuration>Sale>Misc tab

In the Intimation Days for Price Change field, enter the number of days. The system will show all the prices changed within the number of days mentioned here.

To know more about it, please check the first part of this article

Now mark the checkbox Allow Selected Changed Price.


NOTE: These configurations will apply to the medicines for which NEW PRICES are defined in the system. These configurations are NOT applicable to the prices that have been UPDATED.


Once the configurations are done you can see their impact on the sales and return screen.[spacer height=”20px”]

Selecting the Medicine Price on the Sales Screen

[spacer height=”20px”]Suppose you have entered 20 in the Intimation Days for Price Change field and the price of a certain medicine was changed three times during this time period (twenty days). Now when you load this product, a pop up will appear showing the list of prices, you can check the medicine pack and select the price listed on the pack.


Moreover, when you load more products, the medicines with the recent price change history will remain highlighted.


[spacer height=”20px”]If wrong price is selected from the Pop-up[spacer height=”20px”]

If my mistake, wrong price is selected from the pop-up you don’t need to delete the product and load it again. Simply double click in the price column and the prop up will appear again and you can select the right price.


Conclusion[spacer height=”20px”]

So now pharmacies don’t have to worry about frequent price changes in medicines. If you are using Candela for pharmacies, you can easily manage all such changes and make sure the price you charge your customers is the same that’s printed on the packet.

Are you using this feature? Please share your feedback, questions, and comments in the comment section below.

NOTE: You can watch the feature tutorial in Urdu by clicking the image link below:

medicines pricing _price intimation feature in Candela pharmacy
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