Drug Sample Management in Candela Pharmacy

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Drug sample management in Candela

Click to check Video Tutorial on Drug Sample Management in Candela Pharmacy Software [spacer height=”20px”]

Drug sample management is important pharmacies. Pharmacy retailers frequently receive free prescription drug samples. If you are a pharmacy retailer, one of the things you might want to learn is this: how to manage these samples. Candela pharmacy retail software handles sample management by allowing you to work these samples into your overall inventory. You can make these samples part of your inventory, enter them in GRN with or without tax, and even check reports to find out the total number of free samples in your overall inventory.

While free drug samples are a common occurrence in pharmacy retail, other retailers can also manage free of cost goods in a similar fashion by following the steps below.

Let’s now take a look at how samples are handled in Candela Pharmacy in a few easy steps.

[spacer height=”20px”]Drug Sample Management: Basic Configurations[spacer height=”20px”]

The first thing you will need to do is configuring Candela pharmacy retail software to handle samples as part of your overall inventory.

Go to Configuration>System Configuration>Purchase Tab

Mark the checkbox ‘Enable free of cost configuration

enable free of cost configuration

[spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]​How Configuration Impacts Good Receipt Note in Candela[spacer height=”20px”]

Once you have done the above configuration, a new checkbox ‘Show FOC Column’ will appear on the GRN Screen:

show foc checkbox on GRN screen in Candela

Mark the check box. This will result in three new columns in the GRN Grid:

foc columns in GRN grid in Candela

Now you are ready to move on to the next step.[spacer height=”20px”]

Entering free Drug Samples while Receiving Stock[spacer height=”20px”]

Go to Purchase>GRN

Select your distributor, and select products to load them in the grid.

Enter stock in the Pack Qty column.

To enter prescription drug samples, enter them in sampling or scheme columns.

Important: Drug Samples are always entered in units. This means if you have received two packets of tablets containing 30 tablets each, you will add 60 in the sampling or scheme column.

If you want to distinguish between routine samples and those received under various schemes, enter them separately in Sampling and Scheme columns.

FOC column will show the total number of samples received under both sampling and schemes.


entering samples in Candela


How Drug Samples are reflected in the inventory[spacer height=”20px”]

Candela will automatically convert drug samples entered in units into packs, and will add these pack to the Total Qty. As you can see in the above figure, sixty free units of Abnil Cap were converted into two packs (of 30 capsules each) and the total number of packs became 102.

Similarly, the Unit Qty column will show the total number of units including both regular and sampling stock.

[spacer height=”20px”] When drug samples units don’t make a complete pack[spacer height=”20px”]

If the units entered in the sampling columns don’t make complete packs the Pack Qty column will only include the units that make a complete pack, but the total number of units will be shown in the Unit Qty column.

[spacer height=”20px”] Configuring Candela to show decimal quantities in Packs[spacer height=”20px”]

Candela can be configured to show decimal quantities in pack. All you have to do is this: Go to Configuration>System Configuration>Product/STR tab

From Decimal point in Qty drop-down menu, select decimal value.


configuring decimal point in quantity in Candela


Now GRN Screen will show pack quantities in decimal values:

entering packs in decimal quantities in candela

In the above figure, the total number of units entered as sample are 30. While a pack contains 20 tablets, thus the system has created 2.5 packs.

[spacer height=”20px”]Implementing Tax on Drug Samples[spacer height=”20px”]

Retailers may or may not have to pay tax on free samples. Based on a simple configuration, Candela allows you to handle both these scenarios.

Go to Configuration>System Configuration>Purchase tab


disable tax on FOC column in Candela


If ‘Disable tax on FOC Items’ checkbox is checked, the system will not apply tax on items entered in sampling and schemes.


how to disable tax on samples in candela

If ‘Disable tax on FOC Items’ checkbox is unchecked, the system will apply tax on the samples:


 enabling tax on samples in Candela

[spacer height=”20px”]Checking Free Drug Samples in Reports[spacer height=”20px”]

All items entered in Sampling and schemes columns will be visible in the GRN report. There are two GRN reports that show FOC:

GRN Linear Report: Click the Print icon to generate it.


GRN linear report in Candela

Reminder: the print icon will become active only when you upload the saved GRN.

GRN Linear Landscape Report

From the print icon drop-down, select GRN Linear Landscape Report.


selecting landscape linear report in Candela



GRN linear Landscape report in candela

F-05 Purchase Detail Report

You can also check the details of samples (or free of cost items) in F-05 report.

Generate report and expand the GRN record against which free samples are added:


F-05 purchase detail report in Candela

The Sample management feature in Candela is a very useful feature for managing all your free of cost goods. It works for both pharmacy retail and all other verticals of retail that handle free samples.

If you are using the Sample management feature of Candela let us know how you are using it and what you think about it. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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