Drug Distribution Chain Management Made Easy

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drug distribution chain management

All pharmacy retailers know that the pharmaceutical supply chain is complex. There is not only a huge variety of medicines but also a wide variety of brands making the same generic medicines. Drugs are supplied to pharmacies through various distributors who in turn get them from authorized dealers. Moreover, each distributor may be responsible for a certain region.

Candela makes it easier for pharmacy retailers to prepare purchase orders for various distributors and group the order according to different manufacturers.

Now a new feature ‘Region Wise Supplier Feature’ in Candela can be used to attach the same drug to suppliers of different regions. For example, if a particular drug is supplied by one distributor in, say, Karachi and by another in Lahore, you can attach the same drug to these two suppliers and prepare your Purchase Order accordingly. Added functionality includes a new Load Products button on purchase order screen that helps you load products

Let’s learn how to use this feature in a few steps listed below.


Define Regions


You can define all possible regions by going to Configuration>Misc>Shop Region. In the Name field, enter Region and Save. Now enter the next region and so on.

Drug distribution chain management: Defining shop regions in Candela


Attach Region with Each Supplier


For defining suppliers, go to: Configuration>Misc>Supplier

Enter supplier information and from Supplier Region drop-down menu, select the region with which you want to attach the defined supplier.

Click Save


Drug distribution chain management: Creating supplier records in Candela retail software


Give Rights to View Region Wise Supplier Screen


You can select region-wise default suppliers for various regions on Region Wise Default supplier screen. However, it is a rights-based screen.

To be able to view this screen, go to Security>Group Rights; from Form Categories select Configuration>Misc; Expand it and then expand Region Wise Default Supplier. Now mark the check-boxes and Save.

group rights for region wise supplier screen in Candela


Select Region Wise Default Supplier for Different Drugs


Once you have the right to view the screen, the next step is to access the screen and select region-wise default suppliers for various drugs.

Go to Configuration>Misc>Region Wise Default Supplier

From Region drop-down, select the region for which you want to save a default supplier

The Supplier drop-down menu will show all the suppliers for the region (saved on supplier definition screen)

Select the one you want to make default supplier for that region.

From Product help window select products you want to attach with the default supplier for selected region. All selected products will load in the grid.


Drug distribution chain management: region wise default supplier screen in Candela retail software


Activate Second Product Loader Button on Purchase Order


Go to Security>Group Rights; From Form Categories select Purchase Order and expand it. Expand Purchase Order and mark the checkbox ‘Load Products Region Supplier Wise.’

group rights for second product loader on Purchase in Candela retail software


Make Purchase Order According to Region Wise Supplier


When you mark the checkbox ‘Load Products Region Supplier Wise’ Group rights screen, a second product loader button will be visible on the Purchase Order screen.

Go to Purchase>Purchase Order and select the supplier and click the second product Loader button. All drugs mapped against this supplier on Region Wise Default Supplier screen will load in the grid. Enter the order quantity and save.

Note: You can also group the order on manufacturers by checking the checkbox ‘Group on Manufacturer.’

purchase order in Candela retail software

If you have any questions about how to use the ‘Region-wise default supplier’ in Candela, tell us about it in the comments section.

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