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Controlled Drug Management with Candela Pharmacy


Controlled drug management is crucial for pharmacy businesses. Candela pharmacy retail software provides a complete track of controlled drugs, their inventory movement, sales, and doctors’ prescriptions are tracked and managed in the system. Controlled drug-specific reports give visibility to drugs’ movement and sale.


Watch Time: 1:01 (Minutes)

How to check Movement of Controlled Drugs

For drug control management, it is important to keep track of the movement of all controlled items. In this tutorial, you will learn about the E-25 control drug report, how you can access it, and how to generate the report of a particular drug item. The report will show all transactions of the selected drug item along with its current balance.

Controlled Drug management: Sale of controlled drugs

Watch Time: 2:52 (Minutes)

How to Handle Sale of Controlled Drugs

The selling of controlled drugs requires conforming to the guidelines laid down by law. In this video, you will learn, how to configure Candela pharmacy (by going to Configuration>System Configuration>Sale tab) to display a warning message whenever the controlled drug is selected for sale on the sales and return screen. You can also configure candela to block the sale of drug items.


Watch Time: 3:43 (Minutes)

How to Attach doctor’s Prescription to Controlled Drugs

Attaching doctors’ prescriptions is a right-based feature in Candela pharmacy. In this tutorial, you will learn how to allow your salesperson, or any other employee, to browse and attach prescriptions (Group rights> sales and return– mark the checkbox browse attachment). You will also learn to select a path on your system where all prescriptions are saved (Configuration>store definition> select your shop and click the Misc tab. From Receipt Prescription path dropdown)

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