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Batch & Expiry Date Management in Candela Pharmacy Software

 Batch number and expiry date management are very important for pharmacies/ medical stores. Batch management involves stocking and selling medicines on the first in first out basis.  Candela pharmacy software has a robust Batch and expiry management module that helps you effectively manage batches of medicines and their expiries. The tutorials listed below, teach you how to enter batch numbers on various screens of candela pharmacy software. You will also learn about keeping track of shelf-life expiration of medicines to have better control of your inventory.


Watch Time: 4:45 (Minutes)

How to enter batch no. and expiry date of existing stock

In this video, you will learn how to enter batch no and expiry dates of the existing stock of medicines.  Go to System Configuration> General tab and mark the checkbox ‘Enable Batch Management. Now go to Shop Activites>Batch Management/Audit and open the Batch Insertion for Opening Stock tab and load products to enter batch numbers.


Watch Time: 3:43 (Minutes)

How to enter batch no. and expiry date on Sale screen

Load products to which you want to assign batch numbers. Click the product in the grid, press CTRL+BBatch Details screen will open up, In the Batch Number field, select the batch number against which you want to do the transaction, enter quantity and click Add button, save. To show batch number & expiry date on the receipt, on Receipt Page Setup screen select receipt type SR-26



Watch Time: 3:12 (Minutes)

How to enter batch numbers while Selling Medicines

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enter Batch numbers while selling medicines and print them on sales receipts


Watch Time: 3:14 (Minutes)

How to enter batch no. and expiry date on GRN screen

 To enter batch numbers and expiry dates of new stock go to Purchase>GRN. Load products and enter batch numbers and expiry dates in the relevant columns. For multiple batches of the same product, click Batch details against the product with multiple batches, Add Extra Batches screen will open up. Enter batches and quantities in the grid.


Watch Time: 3:00 (Minutes)

Overview of Batch Register Report

To check the stock of different batches and batch-wise transaction details, go to Reports>Audit Reports>B-18 Batch Register Report. Check the required radio button to select products. Click Generate Report. If you want to check the report of a particular batch number, select the batch from the batch number drop-down menu and generate report.


Watch Time: 3:10 (Minutes)

How to enter batch no. and expiry date on Purchase Return screen

Batch & expiry management also involves managing batches while returning products to suppliers. Go to Purchase>Purchase Return. Load the products you want to return. Click Batch Details in the grid.  On the Batch Details screen, enter batch number, expiry date and the quantity against each batch that you want to return to the supplier;


Watch Time: 4:11 (Minutes)

How to perform Audit of mismatched batches

To correct Batch quantities, go to Shop Activities>Batch Management/Audit. Select the required criteria and click Load in the Grid . The product grid will show batches and their quantities. In the Total Qty column, enter the correct quantity against each batch. Save.

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