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Candela Pharmacy Retail Software

From small and mid-size pharmacies to large retail chains, Candela helps you manage your pharmacy efficiently while meeting all regulatory and industry requirements for pharmacy retailers.


Pharmacy Retail
Management Made Simple

Other than the features listed in Candela Feature Gallery, Candela Pharmacy retail software offers many pharmacy specific features


17000 Plus Medicine Database

Pharmacies have to manage a huge database of medicines. Candela for pharmacy is packaged with a medicine database complete with generic names, medicine group, manufacturer identification, control drug information and more. This saves huge amount of time needed for entering data.


Home delivery Module

With Candela you have the option of delivering prescription medication right to your customers’ doorstep. The  home delivery module manages end-to-end processes involved in handling customer orders, route planning, medication delivery, proof of medicine delivery, and product returns during delivery.


Missed Sales Recording

Missed sales can happen when the required medicine or brand is out of stock or was never stocked in the in the first place. Candela helps you record all your missed sales and create requests for restocking the in-demand medicines. Such requests are created by pharmacy outlets and processed at HO.

Drug sample management in Candela
For all pharmacy retail needs

Pharmacy Retail POS, Inventory Software

Pharmacy retail requires handling of complex situations like generic names and expiry dates management, controlled drug monitoring, keeping track of stock in packs and units, etc. Candela pharmacy retail software streamlines all retail operations.


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” With Candela, our business has improved tremendously. Candela offers this excellent facility to automatically sync data at all retail outlets. It provides a clear stock position and this has helped us in preparing timely orders for our suppliers. Physical audit is another strong feature in Candela. It helps us immediately detect and trace any pilferage and leakage and we can make timely decisions to remedy the situation. “

Muhammad Abdullah

GM Finance, Fazal Din’s Pharma Plus

Muhammad Abdullah General Manager (Rahbar Pharmacy)

When we started a pharmacy retail chain, we needed a software that could fulfil all the requirements of a retail chain setup. Candela pharmacy software fits the bill. Every other pharmacy software in the market involves some manual work as far as pharmacy retail chain business is concerned.
Candela pharmacy software provides a seamless retail chain management experience. Whether it is stock transfer from one branch to another, price change management at all branches, negative inventory management, or reporting, we have found Candela to be excellent.

I have 12 to 13 years experience of working in the pharmacy retail sector and have used a number of retail management systems. So far, I have found Candela to be the best. I would strongly recommend it for pharmacy businesses, especially for pharmacy retail chains.

Muhammad Abdullah

General Manager, Rahbar Pharmacy

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